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Celeritas Forge

About Celeritas Forge

The purpose of Celeritas Forge is to provide a digital expression and gathering place of the philosophies, beliefs, accomplishments, goals, practices, partnerships, and support for a different way to educate our students.

We propose that the needs of today's students are unable to be met by the majority of educational institutions that serve to forge the future of the United States of America.

We propose that there are solutions and alternative methods that can bridge the ever growing gap between student and society.

We believe that this gap is best bridged by the individual teacher in their classroom, who implements and refines these methods and then passes them on to the next generation of teachers.

Celeritas Forge is to serve as an active example of how education can be engaging, purposeful,  flexible, and effective at meeting the needs of our learners and the communities they live in.


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